Flick to kick

Unique swipe controls allow great precision & skill in your shots. Fun to dive into but difficult to master!

Action replay

Toggle through 3 views as you enjoy replays of your best goals.

Replay gallery

Save 10 of your best goals & view them in the gallery. Then share them with your friends!

Practice makes perfect

Training modes help refine your skills with the classics - tyre targets & crossbar challenge.

Infinite playlist

Random position & wall setup in quick play mode = endless possibilities...

We are the Champions

Save & upload your highest scores for 3 different game modes.

KickSwerve captures the rush of curling a beautiful free kick into the top corner of the net & squeezes it onto your iOS or Android device. Swipe the screen to kick the ball - straight through it to kick the ball in the direction of the swipe, or glancing the ball to apply swerve & dip to your shot. Best of all, you can save any of your efforts to view again from dramatic angles, or even email to your friends to view on their devices or right here on the KickSwerve site in our Replay web viewer!

What people are saying

Quite easily the most addictive game I have. Quality curling freekicks. Replays feature is fab.

Addictive. Smooth gameplay. Wonderful graphics. Replay option. This game has it all.

Once you start you can't stop. Trust me. Took a while to get the hang of curling, but now we can bend it like Beckham!

Way too addictive! This is a great little game. Love it.

Great game, once you get the hang of it, it's a beauty.

If you love football just get this or your life will be incomplete.

Waited a lifetime for a game like this.

This is by far far the best addictive game ever, it keeps me occupied for ages.

Wow this game is really fun. It has changed the way I look at soccer.

Source: App Store reviews (v1.1), UK/US/AU.